Maximo has been highlighted as the leading asset management solution in the latest Gartner reports, Magic Quadrant for Power Generation Enterprise Asset Management Software and Magic Quadrant for Delivery Utility Enterprise Asset Management.

The reports which ranked Maximo against other EAM systems, including IFS, Infor  and Mainsaver, found Maximo to be the market leader for the power generation and utility industries in terms of its functionality, customer experience and the fit to purpose.

Commenting on the results, James Fair, director of Vetasi, said: “Typically in Gartner reports the gap between a market leader and its nearest competitor is relatively small; so it’s very unusual to see a situation where such a large gap exists between Maximo and the remainder of the pack.  Maximo has consistently been the leading EAM product for over a decade, but what wasn’t expected was for the margin of leadership to grow in this fashion especially along the ‘ability to execute’  axis.

“This goes to highlight the high R&D investment continuing to drive the advanced functionality of Maximoand the high level of customer satisfaction reported amongst Maximo clients.  We like to think that this is in no small part due to the role that partners such as Vetasi play in configuring Maximo to suit the challenges of each particular industry.”

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