Predictive maintenance

Predictive Maintenance helps the end users to maximize assets’ availability and reliability in a new innovative way.

Predictive Maintenance is the next step in the asset maintenance area when the typical reactive, condition based or preventive maintenance routines are not sufficient and no longer cost effective for orgnisations. Nowadays the major challenge is not only to respond to the asset failure but to predict when the asset needs to be maintained or when the failure is likely to happen.

Predictive Maintenance solutions enable the users to collect the wear, conditions and usage information, generate statistical and predictive models based on the collected data and integrate the result into asset maintenance process.

Our Predictive Maintenance solutions

Predictive Maintenance solutions offer a wide range of tools which make it possible to move an organisation to the next level in the asset maintenance maturity model.  Typical approaches such as:

  • Reactive maintenance  (repairs after failure)
  • Preventive maintenance (based on manufacturer’s or operational schedules)
  • Condition based maintenance (based on monitoring of assets’ conditions)

These can now be extended to a Predictive Maintenance model based on usage and wear characteristic to predict the possible failure. The solution consist of the following layers:

  • analytics layer – to generate the statistical model based on collected historical data, to produce scoring that helps in the prediction of the future and provides recommendations regarding it
  • reporting layer – to present and analyse the information with use of interaction dashboards and reports
  • integration layer – to integrate with data sources (sensors, SCADA, maintenance logs etc.)

Preventive Maintenance solutions also provides tools that enable the end users to ‘act upon insights’ in an automatic way – the solution can be integrated directly to Enterprise Asset Management systems like IBM Maximo or other services. The Preventive Maintenance solution is built on the underlying platform IBM Preventive Maintenance and Quality and utilises IBM’s software products like IBM SPSS, IBM iLOG and IBM COGNOS BI.

The benefits:

  • Reduced asset downtime  (higher asset’s availability)
  • Optimised the production processes due to minimized risk of assets failure
  • Improved productivity of maintenance resources
  • Reduced cost of asset failure and overall cost of asset maintenance
  • Improved services for customers due improved assets reliability
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