Maximo Adapter for Microsoft Project enables you to view and schedule Maximo data in real-time within Microsoft Project.

Maximo Adapter for Microsoft Project leverages a common project management tool to see and work with project details from Maximo in Microsoft Project.

  • Bi-directional integration between Maximo and Microsoft Project ensuring data consistency across both systems.
  • Embedded forms, dialogs and filters in Microsoft Project allow quick access to Maximo data and added functionality related to work and resource planning.
  • Integrates Maximo Work Orders, Preventive Maintenance (PM), Assets, Resources and Calendars with Microsoft Project.
  • Supports the creation of work orders in Maximo from Microsoft Project.
  • Updates Maximo with the new schedules, logic and activities from Microsoft Project.
  • Asset calendars in Maximo can be part of resource scheduling that considers not only the availability of required working resources but the availability of the equipment as well.
  • Customisable mapping of data attributes from Maximo’s work order object to Microsoft Project task columns can be validated on entry against the Maximo data sets. 


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