Maximo Field Control, complements Maximo’s extensive configuration capabilities with additional field security and control.

Simplifies implementation by eliminating custom programming of additional business rules and streamlining configuration of field look-ups and data flow.

  • The Dynamic Value List utility defines validation metrics for data entered manually by the user.
  • Create custom field look-ups and restrict the result set based on content of other data fields.
  • Configure status change rules in work flow applications like Work Orders and Purchase Orders.
  • Assign read only, full and mandatory rights of any field to specific groups/users and assign read-only rights to groups/users to allow viewing of a field but prevent data update.
  • Apply field controls, i.e., conditional status field and data changes in any Maximo application.
  • Maximo 6.x is the first version to offer IBM Maximo Field Control, a combined offering of Dynamic Value List, Field Security and Data Flow Control.
  • Supported Operating Systems: IBM AIX, HP-UX, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or later, Red Hat® Linux® , Sun™ Solaris™. 
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