Maximo SLA Manager helps define service level agreements, implement escalation procedures and monitor service level delivery.

Solution uses service level agreements and performance monitoring to align goals and priorities to best demonstrate value and to support overall business objectives.

  • Flexible SLA definition with capability to create simple or multi-tiered SLAs. Includes pre-defined commitment types and ability to customize commitment types.
  • Multiple escalation points allow you to assign escalations to all commitment types in order to head off potential service breaches before they occur, and enable you to define when an escalation is launched, to whom alerts should be sent and how.
  • Real-time graphical visualization of Key Performance Indicators and SLA performance provides a clear picture of current service status and enables meaningful communication between IT and the business.
  • Communication templates provide structured communication to ensure that critical information is shared in a timely manner, minimizing misunderstandings and service-impacting events.
  • Supports ITIL framework to tie SLAs to ITIL processes enabling tight management of configurations, changes, releases, problems and incidents.
  • Based on leading standards-based technology: web-architected platform built on J2EE with advanced business process management, based on SOA, web services and XML. 
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