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StressTester™ is an enterprise class application performance testing tool, capable of providing comprehensive, in-depth analysis of any Maximo installation’s performance, scalability and load capacity. Proven to reduce project timescales and costs, StressTester™ is a tool used by Maximo professionals who wish to ensure the performance, scalability and stability of the Maximo system without being delayed by the complexity of traditional performance testing tools.

Key features:

  • Quick and simple to learn and use
  • Intuitive User Interface with built-in wizards and video tutorials
  • Monitors all underlying server and infrastructure resources, and automatically correlates data
  • Automatically diagnoses problems and enables simple resolution of issues
  • Performs and scales in line with realistic peak traffic loads
  • Powerful and fully customisable analysis
  • Fair, clear and transparent pricing

StressTester™ brochure download (link)


Sentinel is the only performance monitoring solution designed specifically for Maximo. Different from other monitoring solutions, Sentinel not only monitors Maximo availability, correctness and performance, it also monitors every aspect of the underlying system. Sentinel immediately identifies the cause of a problem the moment it occurs, ensuring fast resolution and minimal impact on user communities and the wider business.

Key features:

  • Immediate diagnosis of any detected problems
  • Performance and system information correlated in real time
  • Monitoring of underlying system and infrastructure
  • Real time alerting facility
  • Configurable to raise alerts exactly to customisable specifications
  • Detailed historical data from user and system perspectives
  • Customisable reporting, graphs and tables

Sentinel brochure download (link)

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