Vetasi Rapid Business Benefit (RBB)

Vetasi are recognised as experts at maximising business return for clients through the implementation and on-going support of business critical solutions in the Work and Asset Management arena.

Matching our market-leading business and operational knowledge and expertise to market-leading products, Vetasi works with IBM Maximo for EAM and Syclo for mobile technology.

To this end Vetasi has created a program that contains all the elements required for the successful and rapid delivery of business benefit for our clients.

Vetasi Rapid Business Benefit (RBB)

Vetasi RBB = IBM Tivoli Software + Fully Integrated Visual & Mobile Solutions + Specialist Vetasi Consultancy


The Vetasi RBB Process

There are 7 key elements to our approach that ensure comprehensive solution delivery. Each preceding element of the cycle leads to the next, resulting in consistently aligned benefits to your business.

  1. Collaborate
    A high level introductory meeting to discuss the things that are affecting your business today.
  2. Plan
    This phase looks in more details at your goals and targets. Vetasi will then make recommendations on where we can leverage our knowledge and Tivoli software to achieve these goals
  3. Design
    Detailed workshops are conducted in order to produce ‘As is’ and ‘To be’ solutions and processes
  4. Build
    This phase involves installing and configuring your solution. Initial education of staff commences in this phase also
  5. Enable
    Training of staff at all levels of the business. The objective of this phase is to enable self sufficiency within your organization
  6. Review
    This phase is used to monitor improvement and maintain the positive momentum that has been developed
  7. Maintain
    With the solution implemented and your business beginning to reap the benefits, Vetasi can provide assistance to ensure that as your business adapts, so can your solution.
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