Real Estate and Facilities Management

Increase workplace productivity and cost-efficiency with a market-leading Integrated Workplace Management System

Building owners and occupiers are being challenged to deliver high-performance workplaces that encourage people to work, meet, innovate and learn in a productive environment.
Integrated Workplace Management Systems support business processes in Real Estate Management, Asset & Maintenance Management, Space & Workplace Management, Integrated Service Management, Capital Project Management and Sustainability Management. Planon Universe for Corporate Real Estate and Facility Managers is an innovative Integrated Workplace Management (IWMS) platform that integrates these five key components of functionality, operated from a single technology platform and database repository.

Offering greater efficiency and quality in processes, true IWMS software, like Planon Universe, measurably reduces corresponding costs and successfully contributes to the organisation’s performance. This IWMS platform combines innovative software solutions with proven best practices and professional services.

Planon is consistently recognised by Gartner, IDC and Verdantix as a leader in their IWMS Comparative Quadrants.

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Real Estate and Facilities Management Services

Real Estate Management

Solid real estate management is becoming increasingly critical.

Buildings must do more than retain their value – they must facilitate the primary process and comply with legal requirements. And all within budget. Managing real estate data in a single database means that every bit of strategic information is available centrally. As a result, important decisions will be based on facts. This enables the formulation of a real estate strategy that is strategically in line with organisational objectives.

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Space & Workplace Management

The world of business is constantly changing requiring organisational flexibility.

Employees typically spend only 30% of their time at a fixed workspace. As a result, many organisations retain more than twice the office space they need. The opportunity exists to not only reduce costs but also significantly impact an organisations' carbon footprint.

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Asset & Maintenance Management

The task of maintaining buildings and corporate assets is becoming ever more complex. 

In addition to asset value retention, laws and regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. Maintenance needs to be planned, executed and monitored with precision. Maintenance activities should be scheduled and coordinated in such a way as to minimise disruption of the organisation’s operations to ensure business continuity.

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Integrated Services Management

Organisations need solutions to optimize business operations while reducing costs. 

Clients expect easy and 24/7 access to services, as well as effective chain integration with external suppliers. These demands are met by integrating the support services from a variety of disciplines – such as FM, IT and HR – while standardising processes and continuously monitoring the efficiency and quality of execution.

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Sustainability Management

Increasingly scarce resources mean higher energy costs.

Research shows that buildings represent 30-40% of global CO2 emissions. Demonstrably sustainable organisations are more appealing to customers, employees and investors. Sustainability represents more than ‘green idealism’ – it is based on a solid business case – the translation of a sustainability vision into achievable targets and improvements.

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Planon mobile

Today’s business climate demands speed and quality in end-to-end service processing.

Whether you service one or more clients, on one or more sites, with one or multiple field service teams, there is always pressure to stay competitive, to meet or exceed customer expectations, drive productivity and efficiency and comply with health and safety regulations.

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