Planon Mobile

Planon Mobile Field Services

Equipping technicians and field engineers with specialised apps to:

Make Field Engineers' Jobs Simpler

Engineers and teams benefit from job overviews that are ordered by time and importance. Location information, suitable assets, and instruction manuals make work execution and completion simple and efficient.
Assets and locations may be analysed on the engineers’ tablet using the optional BIM viewer.

Reduce Risk While Maintaining Regulatory Compliance

The system provides health and safety inspections as well as dynamic risk assessments to guarantee complete compliance with local regulations and to mitigate any hazards. Engineers have access to all paperwork, instructions, and rules necessary for the job’s safe execution. A detailed audit trail of actions and status changes is included in the solution.

Register time and materials for analysis and billing

This system offers simple capabilities that allow field engineers to register and monitor travel time, waiting time, real work time, work pauses, and breaks. Technicians may see the necessary and planned project supplies and change the quantity utilised. Digital client sign-off ensures that work is completed correctly and on time.

Download the 8 FAQ’s about mobile solutions and automation for improved maintenance operations

The Planon Mobile Solution Includes:

  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface, making work easier for field engineers.
  • Fast and secure job handling for improved productivity.
  • Health and safety procedures eliminate risk and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Time and materials registration to achieve service levels and ensure correct billing.
  • Job documentation and sign-off to close work as it is completed.
  • Seamless integration with the back-office to improve planning and control.

Planon Mobile Field Services is one of the four capabilities in Planon’s Facility Services Business Solution.

Vetasi’s Mobile Centre of Excellence

Our Mobile Centre of Excellence collaborates with a variety of technology partners to provide customised, bespoke solutions that unlock unique value propositions.

We collaborate with our clients to describe their difficulties, develop a solution vision, and map the value it will bring in achieving their organisation’s particular objectives.

We deliver a breadth of mobile knowledge across all sectors, gleaned from years of practical experience.

Vetasi’s solutions optimise the largest distributed workforces, compliance in critical plants, turnaround times of a large transportation fleet, and the workflows of regulators and regulated industries in order to improve effectiveness, agility, and customer experience while delivering quantifiable value.