Reduce unplanned downtime

Operational Excellence is critical for successful organisations and reducing unplanned downtime plays a key role in that success. Unplanned downtime can cost organisations millions every year, the Kimberlite study revealed that just 1% of unplanned downtime—or 3.65 downtime days per year—can cost organizations $5.037 million each year.

These hits to the bottom line include repair costs as well as the costs associated with lost and/or deferred production. Direct costs like repair and labour cost certainly impact organisations, but the hidden costs of lost or deferred production often have the most significant impact on organizations.

Our solutions facilitate the development of a coordinated programme for preventative, predictive, routine and unplanned maintenance. 

Key benefits:

  • Spot equipment ‘bad actors’ through classification of assets and their operating context together with accurate capture of faults using mobile applications to assist and inform technicians while carrying out corrective maintenance,
  • Make asset replacement or commissioning procurement decisions based on knowledge of previous performance including detailed specifications of equipment, spares, manufacturers and suppliers,
  • Hold stock levels of spares given known patterns of usage proven over time,
  • Leverage the latest instrumentation technologies to gain a predictive edge to manage reliability for critical equipment, plan early intervention and reduce disruption.
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