Vetasi has managed some of the largest and most complex Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) projects globally, as well as conducting the highest number of Maximo implementations and upgrades in the UK.

Implementing an EAM platform and harnessing the full potential of the application can be a daunting task.  Today’s software packages are complex architectures and there may also be unique business or industry requirements to consider.  So, to ensure you achieve the best results, using an expert implementation team to assist with your project is a worthwhile investment.

Our services

We focus on delivering effective EAM, IT Service Management, and Property Portfolio Management Solutions, using Maximo and Control Desk in a number of ways:

  • Upgrading existing users from early releases to the latest version;
  • Migrating to solutions from existing alternative, or legacy systems;
  • Improving business use of Maximo and Control Desk to extract maximum value;
  • Implementing Mobile solutions to improve efficiency.

Our consultants are well versed on current technologies in the web application, database, operating system, mobile, and reporting platforms. And can draw on extensive knowledge in these industry technologies, as well as decades’ worth of experience working on major EAM, IT Service Management and Property Portfolio Management deployments across several vertical markets, including Facilities Management, Mining, Utilities, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Life Sciences and Manufacturing.  This gives us a unique understanding of each industry specific set of challenges, such as managing Water distribution, or GMP Validation and implementing ITIL best practices.

Our processes

Vetasi uses a Value Added Project Management methodology on all its projects.  This implementation methodology has been derived from others, such as Prince2 and SSADM, and offers a much reduced project burden to suit the size of our customer installations, but nevertheless retains a rigour to ensure projects are delivered to meet project deadlines and budgets. 

Our focus

Our aim is to help you achieve your business goals, no matter how big or small the implementation.

One of the key benefits of Maximo, is its ease of configuration and we work closely with clients to design and develop flexible solutions that meet a variety of requirements and common industry challenges.  Often this involves addressing gaps between a client’s specific needs and standard EAM functionality to create a customised solution.  Furthermore, we use our implementations in industry specific EAM user groups to drive EAM product manufacturers to develop custom functionality into their EAM core product offering.

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