Vetasi's ITSM system, Control Desk, assesses the operational efficiency and management of IT solutions in meeting the service level expectations of end users. 

It is proven to enable the optimal management of IT solutions and helps organisations govern IT services in a structured way, using industry best practice to ensure service standards are met.

Our ITSM Solutions

Traditionally, physical assets were managed via a completely separate system, meaning that processes spanning both IT and non-IT assets tended to be manual, prone to error and inefficient.  However, as these non-IT assets increasingly contain IT characteristics, making them “smarter,” there is a need to bring them under the same kind of management control as IT systems have.

Vetasi can help solve this challenge by providing an ITSM solution that manages both IT and non-IT assets on the same underlying platform, using IBM Control Desk.  This solution, which is Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-compliant, provides a common control centre for managing digital and physical assets in a seamless way, and enables processes to work at the speed of today’s Cloud and virtualised environments.

The benefits

All of our ITSM solutions are proven to deliver the following benefits:

  • Reduced complexity – provides a single, unified platform for governing multiple service management and best practice processes;
  • Improved integration - combines automation, enhanced visibility and analytic insights into your IT Service Management processes, helping them to become more diverse and better integrated;
  • Optimised service levels - enhances service levels and response times by delivering more accurate asset and configuration information to your Help Desk;
  • Easy access - provides an intuitive self-service catalogue of services;
  • Cost savings - reduces costs related to IT asset procurement, management, forecasting and contractual/regulatory compliance, and reduces complexity;
  • Flexibility - efficiently manages assets, changes and incidents in traditional data centre, Cloud or virtualised environments, allowing you to move seamlessly between the different delivery models as your business evolves, without losing functionality;
  • Boost productivity – improves employee productivity through more effective management of provisioning requests.
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