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Mobile technology can transform the way you do business, improving customer service and asset performance, whilst enabling greater compliance and reducing risk.

Mobile applications, or ‘apps’, enable people to be more productive from virtually anywhere. In fact, 92 percent of organisations believe not only that adopting mobile apps will give them a competitive edge, but also that the failure to adopt such apps will put them at a competitive disadvantage.  At Vetasi we’ve seen evidence of this trend first-hand with more and more customers enhancing their Maximo platforms using the latest EAM mobile solutions.

The challenge

Although mobile apps are driving massive changes in a wide range of industries, organisations are struggling with whether to build or buy their apps (or both). Developing custom mobile apps for multiple platforms can be costly and complex. On the other hand, managing and maintaining apps from multiple third-party vendors can be an IT nightmare. And regardless of their source, users need to be able to complete tasks simply and securely, even while disconnected or on their own employee-owned devices.

Mobile expertise

Vetasi understand the real benefits of this technology and has many years’ experience in implementing a range of proven mobile solutions for Maximo, including:

  • Maximo Mobile 
  • Maximo Anywhere 
  • Maximo Everyplace 
  • IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation (formerly IBM Worklight)
  • Cognito 
  • Schad 
  • MaintenanceTV
  • SAP Mobile for Maximo (Syclo) 
  • Datasplice

Our team of certified consultants can develop robust mobile solutions, which work across a range of different devices to deliver very cost-effective solutions.  Furthermore, we have in-depth experience of implementing mobile solutions into a range of complex operating environments for organisations, including Heathrow Airport and Salisbury FM.

Aside from core EAM Work, Asset & Inventory Manager applications, we can also deliver a range of other applications specific to organisational needs.

What can a Vetasi Mobile Solution deliver?

  • Highly configurable, easy to learn and easy to use mobile technology;
  • Automation of the movement and management of critical data to and from work teams;
  • Enables workforces to keep in touch whilst in transit;
  • Increases speed and accuracy of data entry to business management systems;
  • Enables workforces to have critical job-related information at their fingertips;
  • Increases productivity and efficiency of workforces;
  • Improves flexibility and speed.
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