Bouke is a qualified Mechanical Engineer with 35 years’ experience in asset performance management and maintenance optimisation.

Bouke started his career in the heavy steel-manufacturing environment as a maintenance and development engineer. He subsequently moved to the consulting environment, where he was responsible for the development of asset maintenance optimisation techniques, by transplanting the Logistic Support Analysis concepts from the military environment to the private sector.

This experience was used in the inception and managing of a maintenance consulting services business unit, where he started as an engagement manager and was subsequently appointed as Director. In January 2001, he was earmarked by the shareholders to pioneer a new business, specialising in the delivery of indirect supply chain services to industry on a gain share basis. After an organisational buyout he joined Powertech IST and was responsible the Strategic Asset Management Division delivering asset, work and outage management solutions in the market, covering all English speaking countries in Africa. In 2010 he joined Vetasi and was instrumental in establishing Vetasi Africa, by focusing on delivering Enterprise Asset and Service Management solutions, based on the IBM technology, into the African market.

Bouke is focused on delivering technology enabled asset management solutions to industry that is innovative and practical.