Vetasi Asset Resource Management (VARM) products have been developed to extend the core IBM Maximo to meet specific requirements that we identify in our markets.

VARM e-Permits extends work and asset management with a web-based permit solution that helps you to ensure that the right people - with the right skills - work to the right method statement, in the right place and at the right time. The solution helps you to reduce the risk of injury, damage and disruption during engineering work and improve productivity and management control, beyond the levels possible with a paper-based permit system. e-permits ensures that every permit takes account of legal and client safety-criteria and is only issued when it is safe.
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Vetasi e-Permits:

  • Enables risk reduction - protecting engineers, the infrastructure, business continuity and security of the estate. It allows you e-permits allows you to implement your H&S policy, site rules and appropriate standards of competence, consistently across the site. Using e-permits also reduces the risk of site shut-downs, payouts to claimants, personal and corporate litigation and loss of reputation.
  • Improves management control through one access point to monitor activity across your buildings. e-permits gives you instant visibility of activity throughout your buildings and gives you back control of your subcontractors. Your authorised persons are provided with the Management information they need for permit decisions and are notified with real-time, relevant alerts when they need to be involved.
  • Realises productivity gains releasing time to focus on the real dangers. e-permits expedites work requests and the assessment and issuing of permits. It also reduces time wasted, waiting for permits to be issued, releasing time to focus on real dangers.

VARM Visual Resource Planner

VARM Visual Resource Planner for IBM Maximo helps you visualise and schedule your Work Orders directly on screen. Developed on IBM Maximo architecture, VARM Visual Resource Planner enables you to balance your PM workload graphically for long & short term planning and perform PM and WO actions much faster.

varm visual planner diagram

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Vetasi Manifesting and Logistics Manager

Vetasi Manifesting and Logistics Manager should be used wherever it is important to track and keep record of goods and asset movements between stores and different locations. It is ideal for operations that cover a number of internal goods stores and locations to satisfy a number of different projects.

From the management of manifesting, to tracking the location of goods and the logging of goods movements, Vetasi Manifesting and Logistics Manager supports a logistic function that isolates stores and assets in readiness for a maintenance led refurbishment exercise. It also extends this capability to mobile components and to assets that need to be transported to a remote site, for example an oil platform or satellite plant.

Download Manifesting information sheet.

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