VARM e-permits extends work and asset management with a web-based permit solution that helps you to ensure that the right people - with the right skills - work to the right method statement, in the right place and at the right time. The solution helps you to reduce the risk of injury, damage and disruption during engineering work and improve productivity and management control, beyond the levels possible with a paper-based permit system. E-permits ensure that every permit takes account of legal and client safety-criteria and is only issued when it is safe.

The solution offers the following benefits:

Risk reduction

Protecting engineers, the infrastructure, business continuity & security of the estate, e-permits allows you to implement your H&S policy, site rules and appropriate standards of competence, consistently across the site.

Using e-permits also reduces the risk of site shut-downs, payouts to claimants, personal and corporate litigation and loss of reputation.


e-permits automatically check that companies are approved and insured and that the team has the requisite competencies for the work.

Method statements

Enforces the adherence to only approved risk assessments and method statements

Hazard warnings

Warnings about hazardous locations, items of plant or the presence of asbestos appear on relevant permits along with the precautions to be taken.

Lessons Learned

New or unforeseen hazards are logged at permit closure to be passed on to future teams.


APs are shown when teams request to work on the same service, an inter-dependent service or in the same location.


Information e-permits provide timely and reliable information upon which to base approval decisions.

AP’s competence

APs can only approve risks their competence covers.

High-risk permits

Automatically creates high-risk permits when required. 

For further information please view e-Permits PDF.

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