VARM Performance Assessment for Maximo

Vetasi have years of experience of configuring Maximo infrastructures from Version 3 to the latest variations on Version 7. We offer, using pre-prepared scripts that can be easily customised as required, a performance assessment service based on the latest Maximo testing tools from Reflective solutions.

These tools measure performance not based on individual IT end points but on the interaction of the IT infrastructure with the business process. Vetasi offer out the box measures for Maximo Service Requests, Work Order Creation, Assignment manager, Labour Reporting and Work Order Closure, in addition we measure the performance of the IT elements.

Associated with Maximo Purchasing i.e. creating a new PO, good receipt, and stock transactions. For Service provider we test the performance of bill batch creation. Vetasi also monitor your reporting engine as part of this service. Performance Assessment for Maximo from Vetasi enables a Maximo installation to determine the root causes of performance issues and to simulate the impact of additional users. 

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