Water Utilities Management Solution

With growing regulatory governance from OFWAT, UK Water companies are feeling the pressure to deliver truly competitive customer services more than ever before. OFWAT set service level agreements and key performance indicators based on how the water companies respond to customer problems and how repairs and changes to the infrastructure are carried out. Water companies spend a great deal of money and effort to meet both these targets, and to provide the evidence to the regulators. The penalty for not meeting the targets includes large fines: the benefits of exceeding the targets allow the water companies to charge their customers more.

The Vetasi Utilities Template Solutions (VUTS) allows water companies to deploy a Maximo Asset Management system which addresses the service level agreements set by the regulators at a lower price point, providing the integration, process management and reporting required by the regulators. This solution opens up the tier 2 water company market place and provides a 90% out of the box solution. Water companies can now address the complexity of regulatory reporting, improve customer service, and gain efficiencies in their engineering department which ultimately have a positive effect on their financial performance.

Water companies deploying the VUTS will benefit from reduced time to implement and reduced costs which will in turn bring an enhanced return on investment.

Adding VUTS to the VARM (Vetasi Asset Resouce Management) program is another demonstration of Vetasi’s commitment to excellence in Asset Management. Being the first IBM Business Partner to achieve Industry Authorisation in North East Europe is also a great accolade to Vetasi’s domain expertise in Asset Management in general as well as to the Utility sector in particular.

Software Value Plus (SVP) Industry Authorisation is an initiative for IBM's most highly industry skilled Business Partners. SVP Industry Authorisation rewards Business Partners who have distinguished themselves through industry expertise and industry solutions aligned to IBM's Industry Frameworks and strategy.

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