VARM Manifesting and Logistics Manager

Manifesting and Logistics Manager

In Vetasi’s Manifest solution, Maximo provides information on goods that need to be transported, and the Manifesting and Logistics Manager module takes over to handle:

  • Manifesting
  • Distribution of goods over physical and logical locations (e.g. Manifest is a logical location whereas Offshore holding area is a physical location)
  • Tracking of all goods movements, on demand, between different locations
  • HMCR required processes for Tracking  IPR and end-use tax relief
  • Purchasing to a distribution complex rather than a Maximo store

On completion of the transfer process, the Manifesting and Logistics Manager returns the role of managing the goods to Maximo.

  • Assets are relocated to their intended location
  • Stocked items are assigned to their target storerooms
  • Direct issues, once complete, will “release” the Work Order for processing
  • Non-Stocked ad hoc 3rd party shipping
Vetasi - Manifest

In order to avoid the over specification of a manifesting system, which some Maximo clients have suffered from, as well as the product, Vetasi have developed a complete set system flow diagram and an associated training program to enable the speedy implementation of our Manifesting system.

In the spirit of the Vetasi Value Added Methodology this implementation methodology focuses on obtaining the best cost/benefit ratio out of the manifesting system.

IBM plans to introduce Manifesting into their Oil and Gas Solution; however no date has yet been set for this development. Vetasi has worked with IBM on the design of its solution to address compatibility with IBM plans going forward.

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