Workforce productivity

Your Work Force are your biggest asset, but they need to be supported by the correct systems and tools, to enable efficient and effective work execution. This is where Vetasi can help, our solutions support the following main areas of workforce management:

  • Schedule Optimisation: Scheduling a diverse range of jobs and tasks, with differing priorities and required skills, the correct certification, to the optimum field engineer for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Job Dispatching & Work Execution Management: The ability to notify the field engineer of the next job, providing them with access to the customer, their details, asset and job information.  The ability to manage the field engineer’s workflow to ensure accuracy and compliance, from arrival on site, work execution through to job closure and customer sign-off.
  • Performance Management: We have a whole range of visual performance dashboards that help your management team understand how your workforce is performing in real time; these look at a variety of different performance measures from in-day work-execution performance, to individual staff performance.  Valuable real-time management information is key to understanding and optimising overall performance.
  • Logistics Management:  It is crucial that the Field Engineers have access to the correct parts, tools and equipment to do the work “right first time”. Our solutions allow you to manage multi-site stores, warehousing and van stock; tracking and management of ordering to delivery; full inventory management; the ability to manage assets and warehouses through auditing and reconciliation
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