Workplace optimisation

External factors are constantly driving new changes within the workplace as organisations confront the realities of regulatory changes, downsizing, relocation, mergers and acquisitions, and rapid growth. Organisations must deliver a dynamic combination of people, process, technology and space to support these changes.

Our solutions support you in implementing efficient space management and innovative workplace strategies that are aligned with the changing needs of your organisation. Bringing all relevant data like spaces, workplaces, floor areas, CAD drawings, departments and people together in one central database is the first step in professional space management and workplace innovation.

In addition, our solutions support a wide range of space and workplace allocation processes for different concepts including fixed, shared, or dynamic space and workplace usage. Allowing the dissemination of business intelligence to support key reporting, decision-making, and service delivery - tracking property details, locations, occupancy rates, and cost history. This enables you to constantly monitor utilisations, increase the efficient use of space, and offer your workforce easy access to meeting rooms and flexible workplaces.


  • Providing real-time information to assist informed decision making
  • Optimising Real Estate/Facilities Management assets and resources
  • Monitoring organisational performance
  • Centralising Real Estate/Facilities Management information
  • Enforcing and streamlining organisational processes
  • Reducing IT Costs
  • Improves Space Planning & Space Utilisation
  • Provides transaction management for rents/leases
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